This is a man’s world, but it’d be nothing…

In response to Peter Tennent (Letters, DW 17 December 1999) regarding female product designers, we are proud to count (at least) one experienced female product designer among our ranks. Furthermore, we agree in practice with Gloria Moss’ observations about the sensitivity of women towards product design (DW 3 December 1999).

This has absolutely nothing to do with the “masculinity” or “femininity” of design done by women, which is another story altogether.

In our experience there is, however, a distinct, tangibly feminine approach to product design which has nothing to do with clichés about male/ female preferences, but which brings a genuinely new dimension to the conception of shape and function.

If disciplines such as these were supposed to be single-sex then why would there be two?

Martin Lowe

International account director

IG Design


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