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In this modern world where design meets the Internet, what really inspires me is other design consultancies’ blogs.

I love my regular read of what others in the industry have been up to. And after my daily fix, not only do these blogs inspire me to get my head down and keep working, but they also help me to concentrate on the project in hand and not assume that any peripheral thought that pops into my head may be of interest to the rest of the world.

My latest and most inspirational ‘designer blog’ topics are:

– Prit Stick stuck on ceiling

– Gingerbread men

– Facial hair

– The best coffee of my life

– It’s national red shirt, blue jeans day!

– Picture of the week

– Cars with ladders

– Why do some pubs still have ash trays?

– Bring out the Branson

– The French make the best cakes

– Nice puppies

– Car batteries

– New kid on the blog

– Fondant fancies

– Real ale typography

– What’s in our fruit bowl

– Dropped cotton

– Favourite sandwiches

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