13th August 2009

Angular perspectives

Geometric intersecting lines, strong colours and hallucinatory compositions – it might appear that artists Dalek (pictured) and Delta have more in common than striking pseudonyms. However, although their work appears

Stepping up to the next level

Just doing a good job isn’t good enough any more. If you want to make a difference now, you have to be brilliant at what you do, says Rod Petrie

Anywayup cup

Copycat trap

There is often a fine line between aligning your product with major consumer trends and blatant plagiarism of somebody else’s work, so how can you make sure you avoid infringement?

Werner Aisslinger

Bargain bijou

A smart hotel concept with a quality touch or two – iconic furniture, perhaps, or a more iconoclastic flea-market approach – can work wonders in the budget arena. Anna Richardson

The Fish Wife

Profile – Rohan Daniel Eason

The illustrations of Rohan Daniel Eason have the precision of Aubrey Beardsley’s line drawings, coupled with a dark fairy-tale twist. Dominic Lutyens enters the haunting world of the artist’s new


Thomas Heatherwick’s B of the Bang in Manchester is being taken down and the spikes recycled. What do you think would be a fitting new use for the sculpture?

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