Free Move Create lobbies for free movement of creative professionals following Brexit

The campaign has been branded by Cog Design and set up by two arts organisations, and aims to help artists and designers travel for work after the UK leaves the EU.

The restriction of movement between people in the UK and countries in the European Union (EU) following Brexit has been a much-debated issue in the creative industries over the last year.

While prime minister Theresa May has promised “highly-skilled” workers will be able to travel freely, there have been questions from creative professionals around whether this will include them – namely, will “highly-skilled” be measured on salary and science skills gaps, or creative talent?

Particular sectors within design currently garner a lot of talent from abroad, such as UX (user experience) and digital design. The IT sector sponsored 42% of skilled work visa applications to the UK in 2016, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Creatives have also expressed concern about how curbing immigration and travel could limit businesses that work across different countries, and the projects they are commissioned to do.

In response to this, two arts and music bodies – The Incorporated Society of Musicians and A-n The Artists Information Company – have come together to launch an online campaign called Free Move Create, which is looking to ensure flexible travel who those who work in the creative industries.

Cog Design was commissioned to design the logo, which features the three words set in an all-caps, sans-serif typeface within three horizontal arrows containing a changing gradient of colour.

An animated, gif version of the logo has also been created, which fittingly adds a sense of movement to the branding.

The project was voluntary, with Cog Design founding director Michael Smith saying the studio was happy to “donate their time” to “an important campaign”.

“As a studio that works exclusively in the cultural and creative sectors, we are well placed to see the impact that even potential hurdles are already having,” says Smith. “Any barrier to movement, however small, will have a direct impact on the working lives of creative people, and the reputation and finances of our nation.”

Deborah Annetts, CEO at the Incorporated Society of Musicians, adds: “We must make sure the voices of every artist – whether they are a musician, artist, designer, filmmaker, techie or involved in any way – is heard within the Brexit negotiations.”

The campaign appears on social media as #FreeMoveCreate, and creative professionals wishing to sign up can do so on the website.

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