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The Guardian’s Paul MacInnes looks at how 3D printers are transforming the way the design world works. Drawings can be turned into a prototype model within minutes – not only slashing costs, but giving consumers the power to become manufacturers.

The Fast Company’s Suzanne Labarre talks to Pentagram’s Michael Bierut about right-wing Christian militia Hutaree’s logo. Bierut explores the origins of the work, its martial messaging and how successful it is as a design.

Last week, the Design Council launched its new website to ’improve the user experience’ by featuring ’clear and intelligent design’, according to Victoria Rogers, website and digital manager at the Design Council. Lloyd Northover collaborated with digital group Twenty Six to create the new site.

If you’re looking for a fun print project to get involved with – take a look at One illustrator draws a section of the comic and then the baton is passed to someone else to continue the story. Once ten stories have been completed they will be screen-printed for an exhibition.

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