By the time you have finished reading Design Week, the world will have changed. New ideas, people, places and products will have arrived, while others will have ceased to exist.

Don’t panic. As the globe grows smaller, the opportunities for innovation grow bigger. And, as the balance between man and nature continues to evolve, so too does the inspiration for innovative ideas and solutions that can equip us for the future.

The individuals that conceive these innovations are a source of inspiration for me: while we work today, they are busy working on tomorrow. They are drawing inspiration from dilemmas and ‘what ifs’ and creating fruitful synergies between technology, design and application.

Take the Apple iPod, for example. There is nothing ‘new’ about its core offering. Music was one of the human race’s earliest innovations. Yet, amid a climate of new technologies, mediums and lifestyles, the iPod has reinvigorated our passion for one of life’s simplest pleasures. It has drawn inspiration from these factors and delivered a solution that informs, entertains, promotes individuality and… inspires.

Inspiration is a vital element of success; without it, failure is easily accessible. To this end, elite athletes also inspire me, largely because they must rely on their own fortitude and confidence. I have marvelled at how their self-commitment and strength can forge excellence – which in turn inspires others. The new Tennis Australia brandmark we’ve designed harnesses the essence of this athletic inspiration and aims to inspire its audiences – players, the community, sponsors and spectators.

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