Charles Saatchi has donated his art collection to the nation. What would you like to see donated to the nation?

Time. We can all donate some of our time. Designers are enthusiastic about their work and such enthusiasm is contagious. The young nation always needs a bit of help, a bit of encouragement. We can give by participating in lectures, talks, writing, blogs – anything that can get across the positives of creating excellent work.
Terence Woodgate, Furniture designer, Studio Woodgate

In this age of austerity, let’s see a redirection of riches into the national coffers, starting with donating the next 12 months’ wages from each of the England squad members (Mr Capello included). Also, we could do something creative with the seldom-occupied mansions of our beloved ’non-doms’. I can see a lovely line of state-run boutique hotels that would bring in a few extra quid.
Chris Harrison, Creative director, Harrison & Co

Donate a day – the cutbacks are upon us and education, like many other sectors, is already suffering. We can all remember someone from our school or college days who helped us figure out where we should be heading in our lives. I would like us all to donate a day to education- it’s our turn to be that crucial someone for the next generation.
Robin Levien, Partner, Studio Levien

Why is it that I feel a slight twinge of unease when I see a St George’s Cross fluttering on a car or draped from an upstairs window? Our flag, our identity, seems too often to stand for the bigoted (I use that word with caution). Stolen for all the wrong reasons, it should be repatriated to the nation. While we’re at it, after this summer’s depressing football – dignity, it would be good to get that back, too.
Jonathan Hubbard, Creative director, The Clearing

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