15 November 2007

Heavy duty

You probably have a copy of Phaidon’s Art Book on your shelves. Somehow, the publisher managed to cram 500 pages of great art into a book and then sell it

Scene stealing

The life of a film production designer is often simply about creating a credible realm in which the action unfolds, as economically as possible. The studio’s focus is elsewhere/ on

BMW perks up Starbucks’ machines

BMW Group Designworks USA has expanded its remit to design a domestic espresso machine in association with Starbucks. Working in collaboration with coffee machine manufacturer Saeco, BMW has come up

Morgan flies new wings by Deep

Vintage car marque the Morgan Motor Company is employing Deep to rework its branding in a bid to capture the interest of younger car buyers. The brand first launched in

In reply

Accreditation is the way to regulate the industry Maxine Horn was right in her response to Michael Peters (Letters, DW 8 November) to point out that elitism has no role

Ring sideshow

After weeks of fanfare in the capital regarding transport, the revamped London Transport Museum has finally arrived. The story of London Transport is inextricably a story of design. From the

Open doors in the great wall

If you’re going to do business in China, firsthand experience of the country is essential, but be prepared for lots of planning and a bit of jet lag, says Alan

Tub thumper

Unpackaged is filling an interesting niche in London’s retail scene – it’s a market stall turned local store with better environmental credentials than virtually any of the capital’s supermarkets or


They were only meant to be a record of his travels, but Nigel Peake’s distinctive maps are now exhibited across the globe. Fiona Nicolson meets the part-time cartographer who remains

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