Inspired – Kate Dawkins

I have a passion for puzzles, tangrams and wooden geometric shapes that create beautiful mosaic patterns or physical structures. My favourite and most enjoyable are the visually engaging Swiss Naef toys, originally designed in the mid 20th century by Kurt Naef.

For those who have never come across these objects, they are sculptural, abstract, physically stunning, perfectly hand-crafted wooden toys, designed to encourage creativity through play and interaction. However, these toys aren’t just for the under-tens, they transcend age, being just as enjoyable for the older child.

There’s an exciting, problem-solving challenge assembling and disassembling the vibrantly coloured shapes. In one toy you can create infinite personal Op Art graphic masterpieces, reminiscent of the work of one of my heroes, Victor Vasarely, by simply rearranging the cubes based on a mosaic principle.

Monochrome graphic spinning tops surprise the eyes and provide a fascinating experience. Black and white isn’t always black and white, sometimes it’s a soft pastel shade. Coloured spinning tops sate a passion for colour by experiencing aspects of colour theory with the interchanging of several disks.

The inspiration of these exciting, opulent objects of art and play can be seen in numerous projects I have produced. These simple geometric shapes, patterns and bold colours continue to influence my ongoing aesthetic.

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