Take the smart route on training staff

Your recent feature by Emily Pacey on Training Zone (DW 2 June) was an interesting and topical read.

More and more consultancies, including The Brand Union, are increasing the amount of training across all disciplines, an important investment for any business looking to nurture their people to grow within the business and therefore increase staff retention.

A couple of years ago we developed and launched an international Masters degree in Brand Development with Goldsmiths, University of London, a demonstration of our commitment to the development of the industry through the people employed within it.

Key to this course, students have the opportunity to develop a critical and creative understanding of how branding is used in modern societies.

In a market that is becoming more and more competitive, the importance of ’craft skills’ training (as Pacey’s article suggests) becomes critical if individuals are to secure positions within consultancies, and consultancies are to keep their people a far more efficient option than having to go through the pains of sometimes lengthy and costly recruitment activity.

This clearly suggests that nurturing from within, and therefore offering your people the chance to grow, is the smart route to take.

Toby Southgate, Managing director, The Brand Union, by e-mail

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