The ’ultimate’ pint glass has been designed in a bid to prevent alcohol-related violence what would you change to improve your pub-going experience?

Like most of us I enjoy the idealised version of the English pub with open fires, locally made pork scratchings and push bikes discarded on the footpath. But I’m sick of having my bike nicked. Locking it out the front of the pub is not guaranteed security either. Some nice solution offered by the friendly publican would be useful… and, while they are at it, they may as well include breathalysers in the design too.

Carolyn Burke, Interior designer, Sheppard Robson

Much as the pint has its place, it is not every day that you want to neck a swift one. By contrast, there is something exciting about the beautifully clean 0.3L beer glasses of Europe, the little paper doily on the stem and the perfect accuracy of the foamy head that puts our lacklustre £3.50 experience to shame. A little more care and consideration to suit different drinking occasions would be just perfect.

Gary Spencer, Director, Slice Design

I’m a real ale fan and I am lucky because they serve a brilliant pint of Sharp’s Doom Bar at The Crown, our equally brilliant local in Penzance. Sadly, though, not all publicans have the same standards as Josh and Michelle at The Crown. At many pubs I find the beer is served so cold that I may as well be drinking cheap lager. So to improve the pub-going experience for me, serve it in a plastic glass by all means, but please keep it warm,

Martin Nixon, Managing director, Nixon Design

Weirdly, for a while Someone was the go-to design consultancy if you were launching a new gastropub. We did loads of them. The House in Islington, The Only Running Footman in Mayfair, East Village in Bermondsey Street, The Greenwich Union… all were branded by Someone. So we know about great pub experiences… I would recommend all pubs enable you to start the afternoon/evening with a tequila veritas double shot as mixed by Oscar at our local bar Casita. Blended pineapple, chilli, coriander and Patron make sure that seven minutes after consumption you experience disco fever (yes, we have timed it).

Simon Manchipp, Founder, Someone

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