Image manipulation or a montage of deceit?

I read with interest your article which discussed the appropriation of images to be passed off as the “artist’s” own work (Altered States, DW 3 March).

It was an article which was enlivened by what appeared to be a fine example of this genre. Charlie Ward’s image Down Below claimed to be a montage of herself, a fish and some driftwood.

Anyone familiar with the work of US photographer Olivia Parker will immediately recognise the front cover of her 1983 monograph Under the Looking Glass. Maybe the consent of the original artist has been sought – but maybe not. No credit appeared in the article.

But don’t take my word for it. Go out and buy the book (if it’s still in print), turn it on its side and make up your own mind. Then with a knowing smile on your face, sit back and enjoy some real photography.

Steve Ryder, London NW5

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