Signage has to be improved for the cycle routes too

I read with interest Tim Fendley’s article on the poor signage of London, especially for those travelling by foot (DW 2 November).

As a cyclist, I hope his next project is to examine London’s cycle routes, which are helpfully posted on tiny blue signs more suited to the average pedestrian than those trying to avoid being crushed under the wheels of a bendy bus.

And as much as I would love to share his optimism that the 2012 Olympic Games will galvanise Transport for London to address the issue, I do not share his sentiment. London 2012 is an event bringing redevelopment to one small part of the capital.

If we are to make this city truly Green, we need a unified navigation scheme as groundbreaking as the original Tube map. TfL might also want to consider supporting British product designers by commissioning them to develop a scheme for secure on-street bike parking – especially as 80 000 bikes were stolen in London last year.

Tom Newman, PR and marketing, Still Waters Run Deep, London E1

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