Cyber security firm EEMA reveals new identity

Glasgow-based consultancy Graven has created new branding for e-identity and cyber security firm EEMA, designing a “grid-like, modular” logo.

EEMA orange pattern

Graven has designed a new visual identity for cyber security firm EEMA, with the aim of making the brand simultaneously “authoritative” and “energetic and fresh”.

The Glasgow-based consultancy was briefed on the project having previously completed design work for EEMA, the European Association for e-Identity and Security.

Graven created a “modular, grid-like” structure for the logo, which appears as interconnected blocks that also spell “EEMA”, says senior graphic designer Alan Mackay.

Core values

The identity was based on four “core mission values”, he adds, of technology and structure, identity, security and connections.

EEMA_logotype v1_full reverse_with pattern

Structure was implied by the “grid-like modularity” of the logo, Mackay says, while the concept of a “unique” or “bespoke” structure linked to the theme of identity.

The idea of security was established through the depiction of knots, and connections were portrayed through creating a “fluid shape” for the logo.

Established and ever-changing

Mackay says that a balance had to be found between portraying EEMA as an “established” brand while paying attention to the “ever-changing culture” of digital and online security.

“We wanted to have something that looked very authoritative and had integrity, but also looked energetic, dynamic and had movement to it,” he says.

He adds: “The company is 20-years-old, but hasn’t invested heavily in its branding before. It’s a credible, experienced organisation, so the branding needed to be elevated to that level.”

Simpler website

Graven has also redesigned the company’s website, with the aim of making it “simpler and clearer to understand” with a priority on member accessibility, Mackay says.

iPad-Landscape_EEMA pages 6

The new branding is currently rolling out across the website, online and print marketing collateral, in-house templates and stationery.

EEMA_logotype_v2_2-colour reverse
EEMA_logotype_v2_2-colour positive
EEMA Business Card Mock-Up 3
iPad-Landscape_EEMA pages 1



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