17 April 2003

Disclosing the fees would have put piece in context

Restricted budgets are very often the order of the day, so it was with interest that I read your feature on budget graphics (DW 3 April). It would have been enlightening, however, for those parties other than Intro and The Big Issue to share their budgets with the readers. It would all have made much […]

Red Design creates artwork for Shaun Escoffery’s album

Brighton-based Red Design has created the sleeve artwork for R’n’B performer Shaun Escoffery’s album Soulonica, a remix of his eponymous debut release. Red founders Ed Templeton and Hamish Makgill have collaborated with photographer Michele Turriani on the design, which makes use of Turriani’s ‘abstract dark room experiments’ to draw out the ‘lush colour and painterly […]


The next AIGA Experience Design London seminar on 23 April from 6.45pm looks at Service Design – how design methods can be applied beyond product and interface design. Admission is free. Contact: Nico Macdonald on rsvp@design-agenda.org.uk. Venue: Design Council, 34 Bow Street, London WC2. The Designers in Health Network holds its annual event, ID+ on […]

The benefits of shortened lines of communication

I write in defence of the small design consultancy. As a former associate director of FutureBrand Davies Baron (now renamed as FutureBrand), I remember the ‘corridor’ company networks and I can confirm that the larger groups do, indeed, have the benefit o

Regulator rings in WPA changes

WPA London has created an identity for Ofcom, the broadcasting and telecommunications regulator, which assumes the full scope of its responsibilities in December. Literature and website applications will follow, as well as signage work in conjunction with architect Fletcher Priest, which is revamping Ofcom’s headquarters at Riverside House in Southwark. Ofcom is a ‘new breed’ […]

Left-handed paintbrush

For all you southpaw DIY enthusiasts out there, here’s that left-handed paintbrush we were raving about the other week. Design Week’s token lefty is less enamoured by the model’s hairy forearm though.

Well, if that doesn’t just take the biscuit

‘Muesli finger’ – it sounds like some sort of affliction, doesn’t it? Like housewife’s knee or tennis elbow. Anyway, that wasn’t what we wanted to say about McV am, the breakfast top-up range created for McVitie’s by Design Bridge (News, DW 10 April).

T5 designs taxi to the terminal

Airport operator BAA this week revealed the architectural designs for Heathrow’s Terminal 5 by Richard Rogers Partnership. A design group has yet to be appointed to create signage for the terminal. Decisions on how BAA’s established system might be imported are yet to be taken, suggests BAA group development and design manager Mike Forster.

Call for entries

Create the call for entries for the call for entries – an integrated advertising campaign for the 2004 British Design & Art Direction Awards – by 30 April to win flights to Virgin Atlantic destinations.

Thompson sets children’s show

Thompson Design has created the visual identity and all off-air design work for CITV’s Boohbah, the latest children’s television programme from Ragdoll, the creator of Teletubbies. The Leeds group has developed its identity into a ‘toolkit’ for potential licencees to apply to packaging and product, says Thompson creative director Phil Dean. Thompson won the work […]

Vox pop

Two groups of students – from Leeds Metropolitan University and Nottingham Trent University – saw their work on show at last week’s international trade fair, the Milan Furniture Fair. What advice would you give to students to get their products to market?

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