10 April 2003


A celebration of design takes place at London’s Brompton Cross until 18 April, coinciding with the Milan Furniture Fair. B&B Italia, Kelly Hoppen and The Conran Shop are some of the venues inviting the public to attend events, showcases and new product demonstrations. Contact: www.bromptonx.co.uk for details of venues and events. The eighth annual Glasgow […]

BMI commercials by Partners BDDH

One has created computer-generated imagery for three BMI commercials by Partners BDDH. In the animations, birds’ natural actions are used as metaphors for the services provided by BMI.

Vox Pop

Elmwood has rebranded a waste management group with the name Serious** – as in ‘Serious **it’. Do you think other business-to-business companies could benefit from showing such a broad-minded sense of humour or is this an example of an identity job that’s gone too far? Why? ‘FCUKing hell not another four-letter rebrand. I suppose it […]

Parker Williams spices up range

Upmarket London Indian restaurant The Bombay Brasserie and food supplier Noon Products are to launch 14 premium takeaway meals, with pack designs by Parker Williams, through an exclusive deal with Sainsbury’s. The move builds on a successful pilot project last year and also represents a bid for greater consumer recognition by Noon Products, one of […]

Instantly available staff is no threat to smaller teams

I was astonished by the ignorance and arrogance displayed by Charles Trevail (Letters, DW 3 April). Many smaller UK groups are run by bicultural and bilingual people, born and raised abroad, some with CVs that are astonishing in their depth and geographi

Future date

Design Week hosts Meeting Point, a networking social event for young designers on 7 May from 6.30-10pm. Tickets are free, but must be booked in advance. Contact: natalie.adams@centaur. co.uk to register for a ticket. Venue: Bar Rumba, 36 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1.

Euro cup try scored by Interbrand

Interbrand has created an identity for ERC, formerly known as European Rugby Cup, the organising body for European club rugby and analogous to UEFA in the football world, as it seeks to strength its brand positioning with the game. ERC runs the Heineken Cup, rugby’s ‘Champions League’ competition, as well as its ‘next level down’ […]

Congratulations and happy birthday to Blast

Congratulations and happy birthday to Blast. The consultancy sent us a ‘timely gift’ of a pinch of salt – in a so-naff-it’s-hip, Little Chef-style sachet – to announce ‘seven years of successful business’ on 1 April. The tagline reads, ‘We weren’t born yesterday’ on the see-through vacuum-packed envelope. So, take everything with a pinch of […]

W&R talks shop with Spanish chain

Wren & Rowe will unveil the first evidence of its roster relationship with Spanish supermarket chain Caprabo next month, one of 40 projects it expects from the retailer this year.

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