Emma Sexton – Added Value


Inspiration can come from anywhere, but what really inspires me is stories. A really great story will get right to my core and inspire me to do something differently or to think about something from a different perspective.

What I love about stories is that they can come from everywhere and anywhere. It could be the one you share with your friends over dinner, the one you see develop over a Twitter stream, the one you watch on Ted or the one you remember from childhood. I have seen beautiful stories told across packaging, branding and advertising.

One of the most inspiring storiesI have read is a short story by Ernest Hemingway, For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn. It might be quick to read, but it stays in the mind far longer – provoking thoughts, visuals, questions and ideas.

What is really inspiring is that every single story is unique. It doesn’t matter who creates it, who tells it or how it is shared. There are so many variables that storytelling can never get boring or repetitive. They just need to be told with authenticity, passion and conviction, as these are the stories that inspire and captivate me.

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