Home-made Torinos and chest wigs are cool

Design Bridge freelance Phil Clements has an autistic son called Jack, who would benefit from a visit to a specialist school in Boston.

But, of course, the groovy young thangs at Design Bridge weren’t content with handing round a brown envelope to help with the funding. Nope, they held a Starsky and Hutch theme party.

Pictured here are Design Bridge structure designers Colin Griffith (left) and Bob Scott (right), two stars of the show. Colin is described by a Bridge insider as “professionally cool”.

And Bob? Well this isn’t his first model/car experience. At DB’s James Bond-themed Christmas party, he created a Bond car. This time round it was Starsky’s beloved Torino, complete with flashing light. He even made his own chest wig.

Congratulations to all for organising such a good event which raised more than 3000. Next up is an Ambassador’s Party, with “delegations” from design groups dressed up from a country of their choice. As the ambassador himself might say: Delicieux. Date and details to follow.

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