Smaller groups should have a chance at creating identities

I find it totally frustrating when a consultancy such as Team Saatchi gets chosen to create a new brand such as the Sport England logo (DW 12 February).

I was once taught, just because you have your hair cut at Vidal Sassoon, it doesn’t mean you get a better service or finished job than from Quick Cuts down the local high street. It does mean you can brag where you had it cut and you paid double the price, which is why you are led to believe you have got a better job. Not true.

As it was stated in your news item, the logo is an adaptation of an older logo. Where’s the creativity? Could Saatchi’s not find a better typeface than Helvetica bold italic for the brand name?

What’s even worse is it hasn’t done anything with it.

Why isn’t a project like this put out to tender for smaller, hungrier design outfits? There are hundreds of small and medium-sized groups which could easily have handled a project like this. They are hungrier to prove themselves and I bet they would have come up with something better than Team Saatchi.

Let’s hope companies can get away from thinking that just because they have paid more, they are getting more.

Steve Cooper

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