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The recession. I’m beginning to think it’s not all bad. People have started talking to each other. And it’s not just storytelling or entertaining, it’s genuine conversation. We want to know how others are surviving and faring. And the lovely thing is that people are sharing their knowledge.

Back in the boom days it was common practice not to divulge too much to other consultancies for fear of showing weakness or losing spoils.

Now, when I discuss the trials and snail trails of our wounded economy, I find people less guarded. In fact, the desire to exchange insights or work towards a shared pot overcomes any defensive secrecy.

There’s an understanding that the enemy has changed form. And that forging beast-slaying unions with companies with different skill sets can open up exciting new possibilities.

I’m not saying that conversation is new. Nor am I suggesting collaboration is new. But there does seem to be a new freedom of speech, especially among smaller groups, that’s helping to stimulate new business ideas.

Which leads me to believe that the phrase ‘It’s good to talk’ (over a cup of tea, perhaps) has never been truer.

A mug of tea
A mug of tea – a good pretext for conversation
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