LFH distils new look for Lithuanian vodka

LFH has redesigned the packaging for Lithuanian Vodka’s full range of drinks to broaden their appeal. The packaging design consultancy has been working with brand owner Stumbras for around 18

An interview with Javier Mariscal

With a film in production and a London retrospective, Javier Mariscal is set to become a household name. The man who helped put Barcelona on the design map reveals his

Not quite human

As the new Terminator movie hits our cinema screens, Hugh Pearman delves into the fictional history of the robot and the challenges of getting one to work

A mug of tea

Inspired, Jo Kotas – Bunch

The recession. I’m beginning to think it’s not all bad. People have started talking to each other. And it’s not just storytelling or entertaining, it’s genuine conversation. We want to

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