Public perception of moral rights issue needs to change

Regarding the issue of moral rights infringement (Voxpop, DW 11 March), I think the best way to address manipulation of other people’s work is to put in place a system that recognises ownership and provides a cost-efficient and simple means of licensing and permission-based usage.

Intellectual property laws are out of step with the modern world where the Web has given rise to the public domain in such a way that it significantly disadvantages professional originators. The Gowers Review of Intellectual Property singularly failed to address this critical issue – something Acid has rigorously and consistently campaigned for.

There is a potential solution, but it will rely upon all the creative industries’ representative bodies, intermediaries and the Intellectual Property Office pulling together in a non-confrontational manner to change public perception of ownership rights of professional originators in the context of the public domain. British Design Innovation is addressing this issue and will reveal more in late summer.

Maxine Horn, Chief executive, British Design Innovation, by e-mail


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