18 March 2010

Bird sidetable by Toby Winteringham

Swathes of wood

Martin Grierson’s passion for UK furniture designer-makers is infectious. Granted, he’s a celebrated designer-maker himself, so a love of his craft should be a given, but shining a light on all the 200 workshops he knows of in the UK is one of his main drivers. Last year, Grierson and John Makepeace launched an annual […]

A new balance

Rattled by the recession over the past year, many in the industry have had to reduce their expectations and reassess their objectives. Anna Richardson unpacks this emerging sense of realism on the cusp of a tentative upturn. Research by Suzanne Hinchliffe

‘Big Four’

Billboard blues

Michael Johnson fears a decline in the quality of poster design in the commercial and cultural arenas, as print skills are edged out by digital design. But there’s hope on the horizon in the form of strong Polish work – and nothing’s stopping us here in the UK, either. Yolanda Zappaterra reports

Anitha Soni

Profile: Anitha Soni

The unveiling of a new brand image for South Africa represents an important step in the development of the young democracy, and signals the growing political and economic influence it now wields. Clare Dowdy talks to the marketing strategist behind it


Virtual conferences and events are rising in popularity as companies seek to cut travel costs. Which event would you like to see go online, and why?

Sam Sampson: larger than life and a true innovator

I worked with the late Sam Sampson, first as his client and then as his business partner. In all, we worked closely together for more than 20 years. We made Sampson Tyrrell into one of the leading UK design consultancies and then, in the 1990s, we created and implemented the plan that built Enterprise IG, […]

A graphics course would help my MP to communicate

In response to the question ’What would you design for your MP, and why?’ (Voxpop, DW 18 February), it would have to be a crash-course in design – to top off his flawless socialist credentials. The course would probably be in graphic design, which makes the principles of integrated form and function so explicit and […]

Public perception of moral rights issue needs to change

Regarding the issue of moral rights infringement (Voxpop, DW 11 March), I think the best way to address manipulation of other people’s work is to put in place a system that recognises ownership and provides a cost-efficient and simple means of licensing and permission-based usage. Intellectual property laws are out of step with the modern […]

Government move will hit smaller outfits

Well, it was all very interesting to read ’Buyers’ guide’, your article about the Associate Parliamentary Design & Innovation Group’s long-awaited report on public-sector design procurement (News Analysis, DW 4 March), but the group doesn’t seem up to speed with recent events. Some 200 design suppliers to the public sector were called to a meeting […]


Inspired: Steve Smith – Beakus

The technology behind, or often at the front of, visual expression inspires me. It’s like my younger, more energetic, sibling who astounds my parents on a daily basis while I toil away at my own creations that simply confuse them – watching my wife’s father eulogise the Apple iPhone is a case in point. So […]

Best of the Web

www.designrelated.com/news/feature_view/47Community site Design Related co-founder Matt Sung interviews art director DJ Neff, who has recently refreshed the banana brand Chiquita. DJ Neff uses playful illustrations on stickers next to the iconic Chiquita logo, and Sung asks him how this has made the product and brand more engaging to the consumer. www.linguistine.comUK-based illustrator and art director […]

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