Photo-realism from Novajet

The Novajet 3 is an A0 colour inkjet printer that prints at up to 600×300 dpi in its enhanced mode. The previous model was really a bureau product but this one has been made office-friendly with simplified features and less industrial styling. This should interest companies needing large presentation drawings, short poster runs or large proofs. Encad has tried to keep printer features firmware-based to allow for upgrades. The idea is that as new features come out the company can send them out on disk. At present the NovaJet allows you to print in black and white or in colour and at a range of resolutions. If you are using it with a Mac you’ll need a MacPlot Raster card or a Postscript level 2 RIP for the best results. Either way you’ll be able to use the `error diffuse’ mode, designed to eliminate the banding caused when printer heads lay down blocks of colour. Instead, the printer lays down a random pattern of dots and then overprints it on a second pass. It actually works well. While the results aren’t exactly photo quality, they are impressive for an inkjet and are certainly well up to presentation standard. Ring TDS Cad-Graphics on 0254 676921 for more details.

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