A shopping phobia makes dressing to impress difficult

In reference to Hugh Pearman’s article, it was only last week that I was agonising over this very same problem, while standing in a West End clothes shop, during the sales (DW 12 January).

I loath buying clothes, especially if they are for the purpose of impressing clients. As a result, I have only one suit, and I think they are starting to notice.

So, there I was trying on a new ‘creative director’ jacket – black, slightly baggy and a bit of an unconventional cut.

I stood in front of the mirror, mouthing the words, ‘Hi, my name’s Alan Yentob’, while recalling my old boss, Michael Johnson, who is a master of this kind of stuff (frock coat anyone?).

It was almost enough to make me buy it, but the price got in the way. However, if it means I’ll land Lloyd’s of London, perhaps I should get back there.

Alexis Burgess, BOB Design, London W10

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