Positive notions will see big boys battle conditions

In response to Bob Willott’s piece about the plight of the big boys in the design industry (DW 6 February), I would like to counter the overwhelming message of gloom it gives.

Obviously, the current economic climate is putting pressure on us all, and design groups are having to do whatever is necessary to continue to run good businesses. However, speaking on behalf of the newly reformed Fitch London, economic expediency has never taken our eye off ensuring we continue to offer the excellence and value our clients expect.

There could have been a resounding silence when we announced to our clients that BamberForsyth Fitch, Fitch London and PSD Fitch were uniting under one roof and one name. The fact is many of them went out of their way to say how interested they were and looked forward to finding out what the new Fitch London could do for them.

None of us can expect to come out of this downturn entirely unchanged, but we aim to adapt to the climate and client needs and in as many ways as possible anticipating changes in client circumstances and priorities.

We are excited by the new diversity and breadth of skills we can offer, and can already sense that the integrated whole will be much greater, and better tuned to the market, than the sum of its parts.

Jane Simmonds

Managing partner

Fitch London

London W2

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