Inspired – Jason Holland

My source for inspiration has changed many times during the past 15 years of designing for digital, but I make sure the sources are not just in pixel form. All things pre-screen and retro fascinate me, especially when combined with ‘modern’ methods (my current favourite example being the typographic posters from Official Classic – The Sport of the Kings and I Love Techno pictured here), and interactive thinking (how new behaviour can be used with old imagery).

One thing has remained constant – the importance of maximising the amount of inspirational material I consume. This ensures that I don’t end up adopting someone else’s style, and I make my own flavour of creative cake from a selection of as many ingredients as possible.

Websites like (focused on design rather than Flash or Web 2.0) and the more obvious amalgamated vision of sites like have their place, but more personal experiences like the pattern of footprints that caught my eye on the train platform and the Japanese postage label layout that appeared on my desk at work last week, also add to the mix.

These personal catalysts make sure I produce work that is unique and creative, no matter what the brief.

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