Things to catch at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week

Print your own tote bag, delve into film graphics and learn about the future of plastics at this year’s East London design festival, taking place 22-24 May.

Discussion: Moo and Patternity

Courtesy of Patternity

What: Moo produces an array of print products, including business cards, notebooks and postcards. In an increasingly digital industry, the company has established itself as a go-to for creative businesses when they need paper goods. The print studio will be in conversation with design consultancy Patternity at this year’s festival, which is known for its bold patterns used across print, clothing, and more. The two businesses will be talking about creative collaboration, and the need for designers to be eco-aware when producing physical products.

When: 11am-12.30pm, 22 May.

Where: Moo Print Limited, Second Floor, 20 Farringdon Road EC1M 3AF.

Info: For more info, head here.

Open house: Territory Studio

Blade Runner 2049 graphics, by Territory Studio

What: Territory’s work is quite unique; with a specialism in motion design, visual effects (VFX) and digital, the design studio has worked on film graphics for several of the big, science fiction blockbusters of the last few years, including Blade Runner 2049, Ex-Machina and Ghost in the Shell. Rather than replicating everything digitally, their processes include making and manipulating objects by hand, photographing them then enhancing them on-screen, using a creative selection of raw materials to do so, including fruit. The consultancy has also worked on computer games and brand campaigns. At this year’s festival, Territory will be opening the doors of its studio so that everyone can see the fascinating world of digital graphics. Read about Territory’s work for Blade Runner 2049 in-depth here.

When: 10am-5pm, 22-24 May.

Where: Territory Studio, 28-29 Great Sutton Street, London EC1V 0DS.

Info: For more info, head here.

Panel talk: Plastic Fantastic

What: This year, research around sustainability, the need to recycle and why we should swap out plastics for compostable materials has hit news headlines. Cotton buds, straws and plastic bottles have all been lambasted, among other things, for being culprits in producing waste, while research last year found that roughly 10 billion kg of plastic waste ends up in the oceans each year. Carrying on the debate, a panel discussion will look at the relationship between the design industry and plastics, including how designers should be responding to the problem. The discussion will be chaired by Caroline Till, co-founder at Franklin Till, and speakers include Frederrike Magnussen, co-founder at A Plastic Planet and Joran Watson, co-founder at Happenstance Workshop.

When: 3.15-4pm, 22 May.

Where: Spa Fields Park, Skinner Street, London EC1 OHY.

Info: Tickets cost £5.98. For more info, head here.

Installation:Next Generation Design Pavilion

Courtesy of Scale Rule

What: St James’ Churchyard will be brought to life through this pavilion designed by GCSE students from across London. This marks the third year that the Scale Rule installation will sit in the space, which adopts a different theme annually. In 2018, the pavilion will take the form of a multi-coloured, mesh object, with an oculus or hole directly in the top of it – visitors will be able to step inside the installation and gaze up towards the sky and other nature around them. The pavilion was built by school students in a series of workshops led by volunteers working in design, manufacturing and construction, and looks to inspire young people to work in these professions.

When: 10am-9pm, 22-24 May.

Where: Garden of St James, St James Walk, London EC1R 0EA.

Info: For more info, head here.

Workshop: Your Tote Counts

Courtesy of UAL

What: Continuing the theme of recycling, plastic bags have also been named as a perpetrator of waste, with most big and small retailers having introduced a compulsory 5p charge for bags in the last few years. An installation-meets-workshop organised by University of the Arts London (UAL), community-focused design group Scale Rule and Print Club London explores the fabric tote bag as an alternative to plastic bags in a creative way. Visitors can bring old tote bags along, and see customised designs created by university students screen-printed onto them. There will be five designs, shortlisted by an industry panel, to choose from. There will be a small charge for personalising your tote, with all proceeds going towards cancer support charity Maggie’s Centre.

When: 22-24 May.

Where: Garden of St James, St James Walk, London EC1R 0EA.

Info: For more info, head here.

Clerkenwell Design Week takes place 22-24 May 2018 across various locations in Clerkenwell, East London. For more information on the whole event, head here.

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