Food, wine and the back of a van – who needs an office?

In your magazine two weeks ago you asked what is the most interesting environment you have ever worked in (Voxpop, DW 8 July)?

I once had a shop in Copenhagen called &Co. We were selling all kinds of interesting stuff that often was used as props for photographic shoots and film sets.

I spent a lot of time in my old Citröen van driving to Paris visiting markets and trader’s storage places and backyards, pulling out lovely old and battered objects.

An important part of this trade was the vans – which always seemed to be old and on their last legs. And I just loved visiting these eccentric traders and enjoyed the way they never compromised on the food – lunch would be delivered from the nearest restaurant on white plates, silver cutlery would be pulled out from under the seat in the van, with proper wine glasses and a good French bottle of wine.

When both the van and I were stuffed, we had a long journey ahead of us back to Copenhagen.

Nina Tolstrup, Studio Mama, by e-mail

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