Field of flags

As (we hope) the heatwave continues and you find yourself lolling about in the sunshine, why not try something different this weekend and take a leaf out of artist Jon Adams book, by joining in the national Open Weekend for temporary public art. ‘This project is bound up inseparably with my dyslexia, the love of […]

James Lethbridge

Glass encounters

Everyday encounters with glass – a no-nonsense tumbler, a minimalist vase or a throwaway bauble, say – are unlikely to prepare visitors for the range of work on display at this summer’s British Glass Biennale. With a new stipulation that entered work could not exceed a floor space of 1m2, the exhibits nonetheless span a […]

The Alpa 12 TC

A return to form

Camera design has for decades been dictated by the bag-friendly dimensions of the compact or the pseudo-professional look of the SLR, and digital has only served to reinforce these stereotypes. John Stones breathes a sigh of relief as a new wave of products hits the high street that major on form, not facilities

Penguin Books

Just for you

Print-on-demand is a synthesis of old and new media, offering brands the last word in individualisation and start-ups the ultimate in low-cost opportunities. Anna Richardson talks to designers working in the vanguard of this bespoke publishing revolution


The YMCA in the US has dropped the final three letters of its name to become ’The Y’. If you could brand anything with just one letter, what would it be?

Food, wine and the back of a van – who needs an office?

In your magazine two weeks ago you asked what is the most interesting environment you have ever worked in (Voxpop, DW 8 July)? I once had a shop in Copenhagen called &Co. We were selling all kinds of interesting stuff that often was used as props for photographic shoots and film sets. I spent a […]

There are timelier issues than challenger brands

I think it’s a bit late in the day to discuss the issue of challenger brands such as Giffgaff (Comment and News in Depth, DW 15 July). The idea was originally introduced by Adam Morgan in his book Eating the Big Fish in 1999, so the discussion is more than a decade old. The challenger […]

Their cash, our brains – a winning team

I am excited by the suggestions provided by various contributors to your issue last week (DW 15 July). It took me a while, but here’s my contribution to what could be an ongoing debate, taking on board all their ideas. First we have two Voxpop respondents – Terence Woodgate and Robin Levien – who both […]

Inspired: Fiona Burnett – Tsuko

Having spent much of my school years in the art department, not on the hockey pitch, I’d never seen myself as particularly sporty. However, on joining Nike for my first job in 1997, I was exposed to the gloriously indulgent and exciting visual experimentation and opportunities afforded by the expression of sport through design. Ten […]

Best of the Web that can record speech – yes really – but not quite yet. Design Week has stumbled across this interesting article from Cliff Kuang, the editor of Co Design, that shows how Yoel Fink – a materials science professor at MIT – has invented a new type of fibre that can detect and produce sound. […]

Out of touch

Successful corporate image management means delivering on a credible strategy via actions as well as communications, says David Bernstein. How come BP has failed so miserably?

Clifton riverfront area in Bristol

New Bristol role for Bennett boosts profile of city branding

’I’ve never had a proper job,’ says co-founder of digital group E3 Media, Mike Bennett, who is to step down as chief executive of design body Bristol Media to become ’place-making director’ of Bristol. A new identity and a snappy tagline are no longer considered an acceptable solution to place branding – and haven’t been […]

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