Inspired: Fiona Burnett – Tsuko

Having spent much of my school years in the art department, not on the hockey pitch, I’d never seen myself as particularly sporty. However, on joining Nike for my first job in 1997, I was exposed to the gloriously indulgent and exciting visual experimentation and opportunities afforded by the expression of sport through design.

Ten years on, design for sport is still fascinating and enthralling. Capturing the passion, dedication, physical exertion and the exultation of success is a powerful brief for any designer. How the sporting experience is packaged and shared with a wider audience through design is one of the enriching aspects of our culture, allowing us to shape our identities both as individuals and nations through our sporting passions and allegiances.

So, with the World Cup closing in a sea of Spanish red and gold, I’m reminded that the effective application of strategy, performance, collaboration and hard work is a winning combination, both in sport and design.

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