Students need guidance

In reply to David Carter’s letter (DW 18 May), while studying English Literature at university, I found that apart from career fairs boasting law firms, accountancy and investment banking jobs, there wasn’t much else to consider as a career option. I organised my own work experience and fell into copywriting. The world of advertising was far away while at university.

Having been in the industry for two years now, I decided to run a two-day course on advertising and PR at Exeter university for a group of students. The results were fantastic. We had to start with the very basics, but the students really appreciated people in the industry giving them practical advice.

The truth is that many universities still don’t encourage students to go into advertising. So, David, don’t give up. Offering work experience and placements is fantastic for students, but a little patience may be in order. Many students have no idea what goes on behind the scenes – they just need people who are willing to show them.

Harriette Hobbs, Stratton Craig, Bath BA1 1LA

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