Margate – capital of the arts, or a refuge for hard-up bankers?

You recently picked up on one of the challenges contestants on the new season of The Apprentice will face – to rebrand the seaside town of Margate – and asked how designers might approach this task (Voxpop, DW 9 April).

In an ideal world, I’d suggest scrapping the ‘family resort’ image and rebranding Margate as the town that supports the visual arts.

Then invest in small businesses that would run national competitions to design seafront B&Bs, bars and restaurants, and would also be required to promote work from up-and-coming artists.

With its proximity to London, Margate has the potential to draw a young crowd that will love its big sandy beaches during the day and its laid-back buzz at night.

The arts scene will also keep them coming all year round.

Maryam Meddin, Clarus Design Consultancy, by e-mail

Sir Alan Sugar’s concern for Margate captures the mood of our times perfectly (Voxpop, 9 April). With recession comes opportunity, and Margate is perfectly placed to attract thousands of poor souls who’ve had to tighten their belts lately.

Yes, the banking community. Now that a summer house in the Hamptons is no longer affordable, what better way to recharge than a weekend in Britain’s cockle capital?

Pin-striped deckchair rentals and sales of knotted silk hankies could be great sources of revenue, and I’m sure Sugar would enjoy seeing the donkeys work hard.

As Britain’s favourite entrepreneur would say, ‘Luvvly Jubbly!’

Anthony Anderton, Managing director, Shoal Creative, by e-mail

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