Citroën C6 is quirky and fresh, unlike other retro reissues

I read with great interest the article on the Citroën CX by Hugh Pearman (DW 9 February). I was impressed that even an, admittedly, non-petrol-head could get so excited about a previously uncelebrated car.

I thought his comment that the latest C6 was ‘retro’ was a little unfair. It’s a pretty fresh design, admittedly with some nods to the CX, but nothing like the shameless ‘reissues’ currently being produced by Ford (Mustang, GT40) Chrysler (Challenger) and GM (Camaro).

I’d like to congratulate Citroën on finding its quirkyness once again, and hope the C6 is more of a success than the other French executive barges that are currently on sale.

Dan Rooms, Senior designer, Oculus, Reading, RG1 4QA

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