Develop a unique offer to make a mark with clients

David Bicknell’s views on rosters sound a little like sour grapes (Letters DW 16 June). Rosters all too often are driven more by motivations to cut costs rather than a true search for the best design talent. But that said, do we really want to return to a cosy world where the marketing director is chums with a particular consultancy and no one else gets a look in? That’s hardly the ‘level playing field’ that Bicknell is seeking.

Rosters are here to stay for several reasons. Clients are overwhelmed and confused by the enormous number of consultancies out there. They need to ensure proper comparisons between consultancies. That’s just good business practice. Why should design groups be exempt?

Instead of criticising rosters, designers should put serious effort into being appointed. This involves knowing when rosters are reviewed and by whom, but, most importantly, clearly understanding and expressing the added value your consultancy can bring to that particular business.

Jonathan Kirk, Founder, 2Fruition, Brighton BN1 1EL

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