Calculated risk-taking and ‘creative bravery’ will pay off

I agree wholeheartedly with Jonathan Ford’s phrase ’creative bravery’ being the right approach to the challenging times we are in (Comment, DW 17 June). It is our role as creative thinkers to take the lead and show more traditional businesses how to innovate and have the confidence to put new ideas into practice.

Business, almost by definition, is about taking risks. Not wild, crazy risks that could see you lose everything, but calculated risks that will bring you good returns. The approach is simple/ the better your calculations, the lower your risks.

If you’re ambitious, play the high odds and go for big wins, but if you are cautious you must still take risks and go out there and build yourself a profitable business. Take risks with creative ideas and take risks with business planning. Do it with your own business and do it for your clients too, and maybe in time they’ll start to follow your lead.

Mark Shaw, Creative director, Nutshell, by e-mail

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