Addison repositions and plans link-ups

Annual report specialist Addison has repositioned itself to reflect clients’ changing needs. The shift brings other forms of corporate communication into its offer, and includes the forming of partnerships with complementary businesses.

Addison is looking to up its work in website and corporate communication design across the board. Its recent joint pitch with The Publishing Team is an example of its new plan of partnering other companies. The two jointly won the job to produce a customer loyalty magazine for Royal London Insurance.

“We are forming partnerships with other companies which can help us broaden our offer,” says Addison managing partner Simon Lake. The group is also looking to target Europe.

As part of the repositioning, Addison has dropped its gold- fish symbol in favour of a new logotype.

By extending its offer, WPP-owned Addison will be in competition with rivals such as Bamber Forsyth and CGI.

The annual report market, traditionally the haven of specialists such as Addison, Pauffley & Co and Black Sun, has recently seen some unlikely newcomers including Johnson Banks.

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