Farah menswear brand rolls out new minimal logo

Design consultancy POST has rebranded the mens’ clothing brand Farah, with the aim of “stripping it back”.


Consultancy POST has redesigned the branding for men’s clothing brand Farah, with the aim of making it more minimal and “reductionist”.

The new visual identity has dropped the word “Vintage” from the name, in line with Farah “no longer being a retro-inspired brand”, says Rich Bell, creative director at POST.

The old logo (top) and the new logo (bottom)
The old logo (top) and the new logo (bottom)

The “F” mark has also been redrawn with “more defined features” to give the mark back “its original personality and flair”, says Bell.

“By chiselling the edges of the letterform and reworking stroke thicknesses and curves, the character now looks like a brush stroke or a hand-drawn signature,” he says.

The branding has been applied to clothing, tags and packaging in a “stripped back” way, using just the “F” mark in the majority of applications, or the mark accompanied by the logo.

It will be rolling out across products, marketing collateral, digital touch points and in-store communications later this month.


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  • TJ September 19, 2016 at 7:15 am

    Nice,but hopefully for Farah I’m the only one who doesn’t see the ‘F’ as half of the ‘Foo Fighters’ logo.

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