Inspired – John Speight

It’s a tricky question, inspiration. It’s like being asked what your favourite film is – it’s always changing and definitely unexpected. Which brings me to change itself. How things constantly change and evolve, especially today.

Look at the past ten years – the Hoover got design, plastic bags went canvas, phones got Apps, cars got mini again, reality got virtual, art got formaldehyde, London got Gherkin and an An Inconvenient Truth become a lie, and then true again, and then a lie again (I’m lost on where that one’s at now). Check out Seymour Powell’s video for the Virgin Galactic VSS Enterprise – the ordinary (rich) man can go to space. Who would have thought that a man that gave us records would give us the moon?

And Stratford. To be fair, it was never going to be the most popular tourist attraction, but look at it now. I pass the Olympic Village each morning and it’s already transformed – an Aquatics Centre (mock-up pictured) in Stratford! (And for the record, I like the logo. There, I said it.)

I think change drives a lot of what we do and the opportunity of doing something different each day, well, that’s inspiration in itself, right?

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