25 September 2008

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The London Chamber Orchestra kicks off its 2008/09
season with a programme designed by Studio Dempsey, which created the LCO’s original identity.


The paradox of black-and-white photography is that however explicit the image, we often see it with innocent eyes. Part of the reason is that black-and-white photographs are usually old, and with age comes distance, and with distance a safety – usually a mistaken one. The disconnection also comes from the grainy, almost dreamy quality of […]

From hip to skip

Despite issues with recycling, plastic’s super-low cost and its infinite flexibility have long made it a favourite with designers. Liz Farrelly visits two exhibitions dedicated to the man-made material and is reminded of its enduring appeal


Garrick Hamm took over as D&AD president last week. What does he need to do to restore the faith of the design community in the organisation?

Student placement programmes boost in-house resources

I have been prompted to write to you having read ‘A glimpse of the future’ (Business Insight, DW 11 September). Penetrating overseas markets requires either a lot of effort or a lot of luck – or a combination of both. For those consultancies that take the first route, but have too little time, too few […]

Innocent’s brand values of ‘trust’ should take it far

In the context of Innocent’s foray into microwaveable food, is it wise for established brands to expand into unfamiliar markets? I don’t believe that Harley-Davidson makes great marmalade, but it makes great bikes, and Caterpillar makes great machines and its tough boots fit the brand. Companies like Marks & Spencer and Waitrose have credibility in […]


I always wanted to be a rock star.And with AC/DC pretty much forming the soundtrack to my teenage years, the songwriting skills of Bon Scott (then Brian Johnson), Angus Young and Malcolm Young always seemed so straightforward.Of course, now I can see just how difficult it is to make such simplicity sound so spine-tinglingly good. […]

Palin by comparison

With so little substance in evidence in the 2008 US
presidential elections, it’s left to the stage sets to
convey political messages, says David Bernstein

News in Pictures

Puffin Books will publish a hardback edition of the Nut Cracker, illustrated by Jan Pienkowski and designed in-house by Puffin deputy art director Goldy Broad, next month.

With brand values shifting, is it crunch time for designers?

The current economic downturn is fuelling an increase in the global valuation of petrochemical brands, despite an overall drop of $67bn (£36bn) in brand value, according to a report published this week.The research, conducted by US brand consultancy Brand Finance, examines the top 100 global and US brands between January and September this year, taking […]

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