Don’t they know humans never read food labels?

Sadly, our labrador and two cats aren’t quite as avid readers of Design Week as I am, but they have a rather important query.

They’d like to know why they’ve now started to get each others’ food, due to errors on the part of the human (me) who opens their tins.

They’ve always been happy with their delicious Tesco own-brand victuals, but now some other human has redesigned the packaging so each tin is virtually identical. This means that when their bleary-eyed owner goes to dish out the goodies first thing in the morning, he now gets them mixed up on a regular basis.

Our pets do find it odd that no one either at the consultancy which designed these packs, or within that nice Mr and Mrs Tesco’s organisation, considered the possibility that one household could contain both dogs and cats.

They wonder if anyone is prepared to own up and get a nip on the ankle for this foolishness?

Graeme Bell, Vivid Product Design, by e-mail

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