The number 23

Celluloid type

Film isn’t just about moving images and spoken language – the written word, too, can have a strong impact on the big screen. Quentin Newark reflects on some key ways

Avery Associates

A chance to think big

Designing the UK pavilion for the next World Expo is a much-coveted task. Emily Pacey checks out the six shortlisted proposals for Shanghai 2010

Seven Hundred Penguins

Seven Hundred Penguins

Encompassing more then 70 years and 700 Penguin cover designs, Seven Hundred Penguins is a pictorial history of the iconic British publishing house since its conception in 1935. From the


Take the chill off summer

It would be crass to bemoan the disappearance of summer with so many people suffering substantial damage to their homes and livelihoods. But despite harrowing weather conditions across the country,

James Harrison

Profile: James Harrison

Success came early for furniture designer James Harrison, courtesy of a deal with Habitat, but he retains the pragmatism and level-headedness he learned while growing up on a farm, says


What sort of person should take over as chairman of the Design Council when George Cox’s tenure comes to an end this autumn? Who would you put in the frame?

Woolen art


I’m a big fan of the so-called ‘loose cannons’ of society


Doing the business

Senior designers have more to offer clients than mere creativity. Mark Shaw says they should provide wider consultancy services and become ‘business designers’

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