Saffron deserves to take the credit for Akzo Nobel

We were dismayed to see your news item ‘Pentagram rolls out new face of Akzo Nobel’ (News, DW 12 June).

To say ‘Akzo Nobel briefed Pentagram to create a “dynamic, strong but practical” update of its marque’ implies that Pentagram created the updated Akzo Nobel logo, when, in fact, we did.

The relationship between Akzo Nobel and our chairman, Wally Olins, goes back 20 years. Wally led the team that created the original logo in the 1980s when he chaired Wolff Olins and, together with Saffron global creative director Eric Scott, he led the team that created the new version.

And for the record, we are not Saffron Design, we are Saffron Brand Consultants.

Caroline O’Driscoll, Saffron Brand Consultants, by e-mail

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