The design industry needs to invest more in graduates

I applaud Glenn Tutssel’s article Investing in the Future (DW 29 June). As a specialist design recruiter, every day I witness how a chronic lack of investment in graduate training and recruitment, following 11 September 2001, has impacted negatively on today’s industry.

I refer to the resulting severe shortage of mid-weight designers, which is completely at odds with the high demand for candidates at this level. It is causing a great headache for the industry as a whole, which will only be exacerbated if we don’t sit up and listen.

To advance standards within any industry, it is necessary to inspire, challenge and evolve. This can only be achieved by nurturing and developing fresh talent – and work placements are an important part of this.

It is a time-consuming process, but unless more employers in the design industry are prepared to commit to hiring and developing graduates, how can we expect our ‘talented stars of tomorrow’ to hit the ground running when they land their first or even second job?

Fiona Watson, Head of design and creative services division, RPCushing Recruitment

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