Branding at haste and we all repent at our leisure

Damn. Another new high-profile name, Consignia, has belly-flopped into the post box marked ‘waste of money’ by the general public. While you could argue that the demise of the name is a result of the business issues which beset our postal services, the episode still reflects poorly on our industry. There has been a lack […]

Switching on to branding

Consistent branding can help TV channels to entice viewers to tune in and keep them turned on, according to Brandon Cheevers and Richard Clayton

‘I’d buy that for a dollar’ opens 5 July

Sex and money are the main themes of artist Max Malandrino’s suggestive and humorous exploration of the flipside of the American dream, ‘I’d buy that for a dollar’. In this exhibition, images of plush casinos, bar interiors and cheap motels have been produced on fibreboard panels, wallpaper and, in the case of the work Vegas […]

We still need to bridge the college-consultancy gap

It’s that time of year when thousands of design graduates hit the streets, degrees in hand and optimism in their eyes. Fired up with enthusiasm for the job and a sense that they are immensely employable, they have invariably been led to believe by their tutors that they will succeed in their mission and get […]


Creative Action has appointed Bill Brennan (pictured) as senior designer. Brennan has previously worked at Allen International and Fitch and with Landor Associates on a freelance basis.

Life’s lesson

Adrian Shaughnessy previews the Royal College of Art’s animation and interaction degree shows


Painter Kes Richardson shows abstract graphic works inspired by Internet porn at Strip until 20 July. Venue: Clapham Art Gallery, 61 Venn Street, London SW4. James Lloyd shows paintings of politicians, designers and businessmen until 8 July. Venue: Six Chapel Row Contemporary Art, Bath BA1 1HN

Ministry of Sound brand dances ahead of its rivals

With regard to the feature Extending the Dancefloor (DW 13 June) and the general brouhaha surrounding the new identity of Ministry of Sound, I was disappointed to not see a mention of the original identity (pictured) created by Third Planet, which has only just been refreshed by AMP. In a piece about the importance of […]

Digital focus

Liz Grahame deciphers the colour management processes of printing digital images

Redhouse Lane designs report for Royal Parks

The Royal Parks Agency, which oversees some of London’s best-known green spaces, will publish its annual report next month, created by Redhouse Lane. The report aims to build on the prominence that Green Park achieved through being a key site for the recent Jubilee celebrations, says Redhouse Lane creative director Raf Amato. The design, which […]


While Design Now: Graphics has some beautiful work on view, says Hannah Booth, she thinks the exhibition space doesn’t do the show justice

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