Global plans for Deepend

Multimedia consultancy Deepend Design aims to open three more international offices within two years, including US and Australian branches. The group is likely to use acquisition as one method of growth.

In addition to Deepend’s London base, the group has had a six-strong office in Rome since January. Deepend chief executive Gary Lockton says the benefits of being global are threefold. “It produces increased business opportunities and the chance to work around the clock and it enables staff to travel and work in different countries, furthering their experience.

“We will have a fixed base in New York by the end of 1999 and in Stockholm within a similar time scale. Opening a Sydney office within two years is simply part of our long-term plan,” he adds.

A New York acquisition has been planned for some time, but a lack of qualified personnel has put a hold on finalising a deal with an unnamed consultancy.

“The most limiting factor is finding people who are sufficiently knowledgeable and familiar with Deepend,” says Lockton.

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