Johnson Banks writes the script for Unbound identity

Johnson Banks has created an identity for the US philanthropic organisation Unbound, designed using 59 separate words. The letterforms are constructed of words commonly used by the charitable foundation.

This is the first graphics work it has commissioned. The graphics and brand consultancy was appointed eight months ago on the basis of its credentials, having been referred to Unbound by another charity. Unbound was formed a year ago by an American couple to fund charities.

‘We were just trying to live up to the name when we devised this identity,’ says Johnson Banks partner Michael Johnson. ‘Most philanthropic trusts call themselves by very traditional names that include the words “trust” or “foundation”, but Unbound allowed us to think more creatively about branding.’ As an extension of the identity, the group created a typeface using the same 59 words, which Unbound will use across its literature, stationery and website. Johnson Banks is scheduled to begin work on the website this week.

‘This is the first time we have put 59 words into one logo. It is an idea that we have talked about doing, but we were waiting for the right client. ‘We hope to be able to build more fonts and use more words in the future. We are currently trying to persuade Unbound to make posters,’ adds Johnson.

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