27 September 2007

Picture this

Inspired by illustrated books from the Victorian era, novelist Alasdair Gray challenges typesetting conventions by illustrating his own work. Hannah Booth talks to the writer whose first publisher forgot to

Going global

There’s a glut of graphic design tomes out this autumn, as publishers vie to assess the state of the field. Fiona Sibley looks for inspiration from around the world in

Getting it right

The smartest workplaces are those which adopt strategies to make their employees feel happier and more motivated. Pamela Buxton investigates some recent examples of forward-looking design thinking in the office

Made Thought nets Nike Basketball

Nike is developing a global brand marque for its basketball division in conjunction with Made Thought. The division is set to launch at the end of this year. The London

Island of image-makers

By Fiona Sibley And now, news from another small island. The changing world of modern Japan, and its many faces beyond the dazzling urban scapes of Tokyo, is presented this

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