28 August 2008

‘Industrial feel’ for O2 music venue

The first details of the direction design will take at The O2’s forthcoming club venue Matter have emerged, Design Week can reveal. The Pentagram-designed, 2000-capacity music venue, which is being built within the O2 Arena on London’s Greenwich Peninsula, is set to be unveiled on 18 September.Club owner Cameron Leslie, who is leasing the space […]

Rescue packaging for confused chocolate brand

Brandopus has given luxury chocolate range Dr Indulgence emergency resuscitation, after its previous incarnation under the brand name ‘Pharmacy’ was pulled from the shelves.The client – Chocolate on Chocolate – will relaunch its medicinally inspired Dr Indulgence collection later this month, following branding issues with the name Pharmacy. In May, Chocolate on Chocolate was forced […]

Industrial design challenges discussed

This years Industrial Designers Society of America national conference and design gallery will look to address the sets of opposing forces designers face in their work.The conference, entitled Polar Opposites, will address the contradiction between mass consumption and minimising environmental impact; the need for both quarterly profits and long-term brand equity; and the challenges posed […]

London gets taste of creative Berlin

London gets a taste of Berlin this month with an exhibition showcasing some of the brightest talent from the German capital. Clare Dowdy explores a historic city determined to hang on to its non-commercial creative aesthetic

The results of unconventional illustration commission

In a break from conventional commissioning practice, one publisher has let artists pick the stories they would like to illustrate. The results of this brave approach are quirkily imaginative reinterpretations of some well-known titles, discovers Simon Lox

Chocolate consistency

Umpteen KitKats are sold every day, every one of them emblazoned with the brand’s distinctive red-and-white wrapper and mixed-case lettering. It’s a style that seems almost unchanged since 1949, when the chocolate and wafer bar emerged in its current form. Confectionery folklore attributes its creation to Nigel Balchin, a multi-talented novelist, Hollywood playwright, work psychologist […]

Should i stay or should i go?

Relationship with clients can be just as tricky as personal ones, so what do you do when the going gets tough? asks Elizabeth Lockwood Recently, I received a call from one of my favourite clients, who seemed rather agitated. After much whispering it transpired he had a rather unorthodox request to make of me. He […]

Developing tales

Digital cameras make it easier than ever to get that perfect shot, but some photographers have discovered that there’s more potential for experimentation with old-style, film based techniques. Fiona Sibley takes a look at the work of four artists who put analogue mechanics at the heart of their artSeptember 1840, William Henry Fox Talbot struck […]

Eye candy

From restaurant interiors to packaging and cookbooks, design – for good or bad – has always been central to the art of making food look appetising. Clare Dowdy explores this historic relationshipFood has never been more visible: TV shows, newspaper articles and umpteen books are dedicated to the subject. The gourmet end of the restaurant […]


As Garrick Hamm prepares to take over as president of D&AD, the organisation is still trawling for a chief executive. Who would you like to see take the helm there and what do they need to contribute most?

Beijing 2008 design? OK, but digital could make 2012 better

Regarding the question, ‘What’s the best piece of design work you’ve seen around the Beijing Olympics?’ (Voxpop, DW 14 August), most of the graphic design has been fairly predictable, although I like the Olympic mascots, which represent Chinese culture well, but I wouldn’t say it is a fantastic design. Architecturally, the National Olympic Stadium in […]

Can grammar survive in the age of the iPhone?

Ricky Oh’s lament over the abandonment of correct spelling and grammar (Letters, DW 14 August) reminded me of the time when I taught at a design school at an East Midlands university. Apostrophes are just one of my many hobby horses, suffering as I do from that rare 20th century complaint – typographers’ neurosis. Attempting […]

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