21 August 2008

Design defining professional social networking

The battle is hotting up between social networking sites for professionals, with a host of new initiatives on the horizon, says Sarah WoodsSocial networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace are not synonymous with productivity in the workplace. Yet there has been an explosion in the market of networking sites for businesses which aim to […]

Boom in airport retail spend and design

There has been a marked growth in retail spending at airports, according to research published this week. This trend is set to continue, and offers potential for global design opportunities in retail spaces, which will grow concurrently. The data, published by Verdict Research, shows that, despite a downturn in consumer confidence, retail spending in airports […]

Photographers reinvent old-film techniques

Why is architecture taken so seriously, while interior design is dismissed as a fluffy, frivolous activity involving fabrics, scatter cushions and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen? Callum Lumsden sets the record straight about this much-belittled professionThere may be a chip on my shoulder about this, albeit a marble one, but I’ll give those of you who might be […]

National Media Museums celebrates Blue Peter

Bradford’s National Media Museum will mark 50 years of the perennially popular children’s TV programme Blue Peter, with an exhibition created by Studio Exposure. The London marketing and design consultancy has been briefed to create an experience that takes adults back to the time – starting from the 1950s – when they first watched Blue […]

The Stage is set to be rebranded

Entertainment and performing arts industry weekly title The Stage is to refresh its brand, and has appointed 300million to the task. The project will include the refresh of the title’s full range of products and communications, as well as the design of a new online commercial venture planned for this autumn. 300million creative director Dom […]

Looking to theoverseas stage

In the current economic climate, seeking work abroad has never made more sense. But is it that simple? asks Carron EdmondsWe have all seen them: the foreign design concepts that make even the most open-minded creatives cringe.Of course, we have to be reasonable about it. Just because they make us squirm does not mean they […]

Figure studies

When Lego launched its minifigures 30 years ago they were an instant success, with film tie-ins including Star Wars and Harry Potter ensuring their continued popularity. Pamela Buxton traces the importance of standard components in toy designHarrison Ford has won many accolades but there’s one he can be really proud of – he’s the only […]


Multi-faceted designer Alison Brookes is equally at home forecasting trends and knitwear consulting as she is creating costumes for fringe theatre. It’s a juggling act that she performs with flair, discovers Sarah FraterLondon’s fringe theatre is many things, but a money spinner it is not. Every night across the capital, dozens of pubs and small-scale […]

Lakes by Yoo work was collaborative – credit where it’s due

With reference to your article on Lakes by Yoo (News, DW 7 August) we’d just like to clarify that, while we created the elements you featured, the consultancy Jaques Vanzo created the overall project brand identity, and also collaborated with Bob Bentley Design on the design and production of the website, www.thelakesbyyoo.com. All of which […]

Can design savethe world? Only if it questions the brief

Your recent Comment (DW 31 July) argues that ‘design can help to save the world once practitioners fully grasp the importance of sustainability and the role they can play in promoting it’, and notes the effect it could have had in the disputed US presidential elections in 2000. Much was made of the ballot paper […]

Everyone benefits from university consultancies

It’s important to put into perspective criticism of ‘low-cost product design consultancies’ run by universities (News in Depth, 24 July). New products and ideas, particularly at the high-tech, low-volume end of the spectrum, are crucial for the sector to compete internationally, so design support is not just a nice-to-have for the pioneering few, it is […]

Inspired, Emma Booty, Landor Associates

Over the past few years, I have inscribed my Landor perfume bottle with ‘London – Tokyo – Milan’. And now ‘Paris’. I am the non-weary traveller. But this city never fails to take me by surprise.Apple-Z. Zut alors! Where once I undid, I now Apple-W, close windows. So I Apple-A. But instead of having it […]

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